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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Midnight Madness Adventure!

For the past 3 years my sister, mom and I have ventured out into the cold and braved the crowds for "Midnight Madness". Each year we start off by buying a cup of coffee at Wawa and then head off to Pottery Barn for a few hours.
This year my future sister-in-law Jessie & Ashley (who I call my adopted sister), also joined us in the madness.
If you weren't there, here is a little taste of what you missed.
This is Ashley and I scouting out the competition...crazy busy...
All we could see were cars, cars, & more cars!

We sat in the car a while just waiting to stand in line...it was cold!

With 5 people in my little car, along with all our purchases, we were smashed.

Here we are standing in line at Pottery Barn. The line to get in the doors was forever long!

After getting some good deals at the first store, we decided "Why not keep shopping"! So we did...ALL NIGHT LONG! We found some great things, while at the same time...having so much FUN!
After shopping for so long, you kind of get hungary. So around 4am we decided to EAT. Good ole' Bob Evans, here we come!
You wouldn't believe how full the place was. And not just that -- The entire city of Lancaster was alive and hoppin. It was amazing how many crazy people did the same thing as us. What an experience!

After our last stop at "Target", we decided to call it a night/day, whatever you want to say. It was 7am in the morning!
We dropped Carm and Jessie off and...
my mom, Ashley & I took the long trip back home.
As you can see, my mom was exhausted. She tried to take a little nap before she had to work the store when we got home. "Sorry mom".
For some reason, Ashley was wide awake all night. And she definitely let us know! hahaha

As for me...I was "out of it". And boy did I look like it! When I got home I slept all day til 5pm. It was needed!
What an adventure! Can't wait to do it again next year girls!
Oh yes, a little tid bit for ya...

If you weren't able to join in on the Madness on Black Friday,
don't worry...
You'll still be able to venture out this Thursday, the 4th!
We -The Cottonwood House- have our anual Midnight Madness from 8pm-12 midnite!
You'll find lots of great deals...up to 40% off
*christmas items
We'll definitely be in the Christmas spirit...so if you're up to it, these 4 hrs. will be worth your trip!
While you're here take the time to make a s'more...eat some treats & enter to win a few door prizes as well!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Not Too Late....

It's not too late to join us for our Chritmas OpenHouse.....Tomorrow is our last day....
12 to 5
You don't want to miss it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's not do that again...

We bought this beauty (why,? i dont know!) at an auction the other week. And after bringing it to the shop we realized we had two (not so good) situations on our hand...one, it was ugly & two it was heavy. So, the only thing we could think to do with it was, drop it off at the nearest location -which was smack dab in the middle of our entry way- and hope that it sells FAST!!!
Well....as time went by, this thing was still there! And it was getting to be quite a dreadful sight!
So, my mom decided she was gonna paint it and give it some new life. I must add, it was too heavy to move outside so she painted it right where it was...the wonderful paint smell and all!
She distressed it a little and added different hardware...
What a transformation!
I think it looks great with the silver and white Christmas theme going on.
One more thing--
To fix the 2nd dilemma, we decided it didnt matter how much of a beast it was, we were gonna relocate this thing even if it hurt us during the process. And well, after a little huffing and puffing, and some extra pain shooting through our bodies, we accomplished the task!
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's coming....

Thanksgiving that is....

what did you think I was gonna say Christmas...no we like to enjoy each holiday as they come....
so many ways to display food...and you can find unique objects like this here at Cottonwood as well as dishes and glasses galore to make your Thanksgiving table beautiful!
and don't worry Christmas is right around the corner and we have some fantastic events coming up...stay tuned!:-)
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Monday, November 3, 2008


Did ya hear....our beloved Philadelphia Phillies are the World Champions!!!
Go Phillies!!!!:-)