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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just In case you missed it!!!

This was our second Christmas Extravaganza "Down On The Farm" It is the only show I do

inside our house and the barn. My other shows are in the barn only. The question I get asked many times is,"Isn't this a lot of work?

To tell you the truth, it is a lot of work...... and EXHAUSTING I might add! But..... I really do enjoy it so much! Especially when I watch the excitement and the anticipation on my customers faces as they come come through the front door.

So in case you were not here..... take a peak and see what you missed!

It was an absolutely gorgeous balmy day as the 4:00 hour approached. We opened the doors at 4:00 sharp and soon the house was bustling with excited customers running from room to room taking it all in. Decisions had to be made quickly to "Buy it or not" if you thought you could go to the barn and think it over and then come back into the house and think it would still be there...... well let me tell you, there was a lot of disappointment when the item was no longer there!

4:00..... everything is in place and time to open

We sold several of these bird houses. They stand approx. 3 feet tall. We happen to still have this one. It can be yours for only $99.00

This side table is still available and it has a twin. $49.00 each

This Wicker set was displayed in the barn. It was not sold during the show but.... several inquiry's have been made about it in the past several days. If interested let me know as soon as possible!! (it is in great condition and very sturdy)

Vintage Wrought Iron Bed Sorry...... SOLD!!!!

Not only do we have furniture but some really cool vintage coats as well!

I still have several of these very unique and different mirrors for only $29.00. Unique in the fact that they have number on all 4 sides. Great for kids rooms or a family room.

Through out the show we were constantly moving furniture. Either loading it in trucks, or cramming it in cars or just moving it to another spot to fill a vacant hole.

Where are the men when we need them?????

More items in the barn

This table is still looking for a place to call home. It's
a drop leaf and perfect for seating a few more guests during the holidays

metal dresser..... only $49.00

More items in the barn that were sold

These 2 little guys were just way to cute. So much for shopping when there were eggs to be gathered. They took the eggs home for breakfast the next morning.

This vanity was handcrafted by a local furniture maker. It is still here and it sits in my family room. I may just decide to keep it for myself. I absolutely love it. You might still be able to twist my arm and I might........... well, maybe sell it.

Even the bathroom was a shopping destination!

A bit of shabby chic going on here ????? Very cool!

This was one of my favorite pieces!!! Sorry......SOLD!

By the looks of things, 3 happy customers!!!

still available!!! creamy white dresser with a mirror $225.00

Should I or not......

Hand made purses. very very sweet!!!


MORE ITEMS....... Still available

Creamy White Chest Of drawers

You will probably never see another desk quite like this one. Vintage LADIES HOME JOURNAL magazine pages cover the top of this desk. Better yet, it is all protected under glass!!!

Gone once, gone twice..... SOLD!!!!!


Purses, jewelry, clothing etc........

All decked out for Christmas!!!!.

I wish I had a before and after picture of this sweet desk. All I can say is, What a transformation!

This was the 3rd day. Each night I would redo the rooms to fill in vacant spots and bring in new pieces. So if you were here one day and came back the next day, Most likely it had a different look. That was the fun part for me. I love to change furniture around. My hubby never knows where the sofa is going to be when he gets home from work!! Or where the bed is going to land up at. Oh well.....

Everything in our family room was for sale except for the Red Sofa. Just a side note. I'm looking to purchase 2 comfortable chairs to go in this room. Looking for a French Country Look. My creative juices are not flowing when it comes to decorating with a red sofa. Any Ideas??????

In order to get ready for this big event, everyone pitched in to help get ready. Even my grand babies knew mom-mom could use a bit of extra help.

Sparkling clean windows thanks to Max !! Thanks Buddy!

Pop-Pop doing some clean up and Jake keeping right up

I know I can always count on Eli to help with furniture repairs. Give him a screw driver and I know he'll get the job done for sure!!

This is pretty much my life several month before a show. Paint brush in hand for days on end!!

Even though my Mom was in a lot of pain on this particular day, she insisted on helping me. Several days after the show she had surgery. Thanks Mom!!!

So now I will put my paint brush to rest until after Christmas and enjoy some time off. Off to more inportant things at hand..... Christmas shopping, entertaining, baking cookies, having coffee with friends, spending time with family, baby sittng my grandkids, date night with hubby, etc.........

But come January,

I'll be back on the saddle getting ready for our


Don't Miss It!!!