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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Barn Sale


I picked the coldest day of the year to have my barn sale. and boy was it cold!

   But that did not keep my die hard customers from coming on out to see what was cooking this month.



                         In order to get ready
         for my sale this month I
           needed a bit of extra
  my grandson Eli came to my
    rescue. Thanks Eli, you
               a big help to


   Needless to say…. this  box with

     handles on each side, great 

      storage, a fresh coat of paint,

       distressed and antiqued,

                       did not

                     last long.  

                   Gone once, Gone twice,

                      SOLD…… $69.00



              Below is a sampling of some of the items I had. I fell in love with the white vanity. One of those pieces I had a hard time selling. But….. if I kept everything there would not be a sale. Right???  Sigh….  gone once gone twice, SOLD! $125.00

But, the darling white chair is still in my barn and it is only 35.00. The fabric is kind of like a hard plastic. It really is sweet the way it is or imagine what it could look like with a slipcover on it.?  That may need to be my next project. If you want it as is…… email me and I will hold it for you.



                    Most of these items were sold except for the mirror with hooks. $45.00 and it be be hanging in your home. Let me know if you can’t live without it.


  The desk on the left sold for 149.99. The green  chair was only 55.00. Wow, what a steal! Oh, check out the black board for only 18.00. yep, sold!  the chest of drawers is still waiting for a good home……. only $95.00 The top of it has wallpaper on it. It is really cool!

SL381827 SL381829The couple above bought these 2 wire baskets and the green side table. I quickly ran to my chicken coupe,gathered the eggs and sent them on there way. Fresh Brown eggs! YUM!!!!


Below is a cabinet for your flat screen TV. Drawers for whatever suits your fancy. This cabinet in in excellent condition. If you are looking for a TV cabinet, this may be just what you are looking for. And guess what? It is only $65.00


                                     Below is an end table. I  have two of these. They are in excellent shape. 75.00 each or both for 100.00!!!




Below is a round table. Look at the legs!! So sweet and the chippy green paint,…………. Shabby chic at its best!




I have 2 yellow chairs (below) these chairs are in excellent shape. No rips or tears on the fabric. 150.00 each or both chairs for $200.00. Now that is a buy!!


I really like this mirror. But once again I can’t keep everything I love. But it can be yours for $45.00



Nope, I did not sell the white shabby chic coffee table. A very sturdy sweet piece!! 



       vanity chair 29.00



Desk was 95.00 at the barn sale. Now on sale for $75.00.



This wrought iron table is unique in the fact that it has a hole in the middle. Looks really cool with a planter in it filled with greens or fresh flowers. Would look great on your patio. Or…. get a round glass for the top of it and bingo!!! you have a great coffee table.  Or, Tea for 2???



The blue bedroom chair sold for 45.00. It is a very comfy chair! The red stool, I new it would not last long. 18.00 and yep, sold!


The white table is still available as well as the 2 chairs. Chairs are 22.00 each and the table is only $45.00   GOOD BUY




I can always count on this customer. She knows a great buy when she sees one.     Always good to see you!!! 

I have 5 of these black and white chairs

Yes, they are still available. I am selling them individually at 25.00 each or all 5 for 100.00.



  Got to run, So much to


   and so little time


  next month. Stay tuned

    for the dates

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blue tag sale!!!!! 30 % off all items with a blue tag

Barn Sale this Weekend at my Home

Friday and Saturday Jan 29 and 30

Hours: 10-5 both days

Directions. from route 41 and route 10, take route 10 south 1 block to Homeville Rd. Make a right on to Homeville Rd and go 3 miles to 3480 Homeville Rd. Driveway is on the left. Look for the Cottonwood House sign

If you have the winter blues, why not come on over. I have been working feverishly getting ready for my barn doors to open up this weekend, January 29 and 30. 10-5 both days.

The barn is bursting at the seams! Los of great Stuff!
Shabby chic and cottage decor furniture, tables, coffee tables, pictures, lamps, area rugs, etc.....

Since closing my doors at The Cottonwood House at 227 Cochran Street, I am now using my own barn to take care of this crazy addiction I created for myself. Bless my dear hubby for allowing me to take over a portion of his barn.

Imagine that!

What was once a resting place for his tractors is now the home of all my fun treasures I scour for at auctions. I am a happy camper when I have a paint brush in hand and I get to transform a piece of furniture. I guess once a shabby chicer, always a shabby chicer

The table below is one of the pieces I just redid. With just a few minor repairs from my hubby, (below)
it is now a beauty. Love It!