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Monday, June 16, 2014

Thanks for coming to the 2014 Spring Show

          The Cottonwood House 
                   Spring Show

          It was a great weekend! 

    We had 2 beautiful days of great    weather.   

 A great big thanks to each if you who came and made it a successful show . 

On Saturday we had tutorials and giveaways from our vendors to create fun and excitement . 

       If you did not get to come... I will         
              tease you with what you 





       My dad and his buddies.... 
         I wish my mom was here . 
            Miss you mom ! 

       My niece Sammie and her cousin Kylie . They make the best cupcakes ! 

      My niece Jess. I can always count on seeing her here . Thanks for coming Jess!

    Savannah's House did a great tutorial     with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

     A bit of peace and quiet in the middle of shopping 

   The sweetest camper I've ever seen
      and....her flowers were absolutely          
kelly did a tutorial on how to take flowers from the grocery store snd create a beautiful arrangement. 

         My hubby ... takng a much need     
                         break ! 
        Thanks for all your help and your  
                       I love you !

           "Young living essential oils."
        After seeing a demo on the oils...
          I had to get some for myself . 

         The best hamburgers ever ! 
           and what a sweet set up ! 

                Ah...little Miss Macie...
                   with Auntie Sonji

       The kids had a blast fishing and making a dam while parents shopped 

                    Miss Macie... 
     taking a nap in the middle of it all. 

      I can always count on my sisters to  
                  help out ...



         And here's what's left ...

       See ya in the fall at our next event. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

An amazing weekend ! Spring show 2014

I want to post pictures of our weekend show but for now I'll give you just a little glimpse. I work with very little sleep for weeks before a show but....as soon as I am done my body basically shuts down and I crash . 

But I'll be back in a few days to show you more. I just need a little sleep and some down time .