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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I took some more items to Oxford today.....

but all the while keeping my eye on the sweet little man who walks up and down the street waiting for my meter to be empty so he can give me yet another ticket! So..... just a bit of a warning. When you shop in Oxford, it is only street side parking. A quarter for one hour will do it.

My problem is...... I get carried away working in my booth and I lose track of time. So today as I was working in my Store front window, I saw the sweet old man looking at my car and I literally ran out of the shop to stop him from giving me a ticket! He had already started writing me up so I pleaded with him and sweet talked him from giving me yet another ticket. I got one 2 weeks ago and I did not want another one. So..... Thanks sweet little man!!!

Red cabinet......59.00

Child's chippy desk and chair...48.00

Don't forget to step inside my show window!!

2 matching side tables

2 really cool vintage folding chairs.

the seats are totally crackled!

So sweet......

Lots more in the foyer.......

This is a beautiful picture with great detail.....

Oxford Odds and Ends

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Oxford, Pa

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