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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Blessing Cottage

We have this great little apartment in our house. Apartment??? NO, I don't like how it sounds. Not very personal in my opinion. So I'm going to call it "THE BLESSING COTTAGE" So..... come along and help me do a makeover. It needs to be very special!!! I've been mulling ideas around in my head for weeks thinking how and what style I want to use.

Shabby Chic? Whimsical and cottage like? Maybe more of a Pottery style look? Well, the creative juices just were not flowing. Until.... I went to one of my favorite auction houses in Maryland and I laid my eyes on this fabulous chair. As soon as I saw it I knew that was it. It was my Inspiration Piece!!!

This chair is the most comfortable chair ever!! After I sank into it... I wanted to camp out for a long....while!! It was in great condition and for only $65.00.... well you know the rest of the story. I knew it was a keeper for sure!

And..... so my journey of decorating ' The Blessing Cottage" begins.......

This isn't just any old cottage but a quiet haven of rest... where someone may want to come and get away from the busyness of life. A place to get re energized and relax for a day, a week , maybe even a month.ahhh. sounds heavenly!

Cozy, Comfortable, yet Classy and Elegant.

All of the above! That's what I'm wanting this cottage to be.

Check out the bedroom. The previous dwellers decided they wanted a red room with a gray accent wall. It was very beautiful and tastefully done. But...... I would like to give this room a different feel. Red is suppose to make you feel hungry and energetic (Ever notice that a lot of restaurants have red decor? They want you to be hungry so you eat a lot)

This bedroom needs to feel warm and relaxing. It also needs to appeal to male and female. Not too feminine nor too manly.

There are no outside windows to the room so no direct sunshine flows into the room.

So here's what I've been thinking....
I could paint the walls an eggplant color. And then do black and white accessories. Maybe a distressed black dresser, a cozy chair. A Down comforter, luxurious pillows, etc.... it would feel calm and relaxing. I recently saw a room with these colors and I just can't get it out of my head. It was absolutely beautiful. It might not sound to cool but trust me, it was!!! I really dislike anything even remotely the color purple. go figure!!!


Or I could do an all white and cream room. The walls would be cream and different shades of white and cream through out the room. Sounds peaceful and Serene! But maybe boring???

any ideas????

But....... for now I need to prime this wall ! Uggg! I do not like to paint!. You would think since I paint furniture I would like painting a wall. Well, I don't. but someones got to do it.

This cupboard has been sitting in the storage area of our basement for years storing unused cans of paint. I've decided to give it new life and a new purpose. It's going to go in the Blessing Cottage. I have big plans for it. But for now you will have to wait and see......

check out the kitchen. It's small but


That's it for now. I'll be back!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Looking for vendors!

June 5th and 6th "Spring Extravaganza.

I am very excited about this sale because you see, I am inviting YOU to join me for this one.

If you are a seasoned vendor or.... love the thrill of the hunt but have no need for it yourself, or you have a creative mind and need a place to sell all your creative things, then this might be the place and setting for you to have your very own booth and sell your treasures!

Just send me an email at Thecottonwoodhouse@yahoo.com
and I will send you all the details.

If you just want to shop! you will want to save the date.

June 5TH and 6TH

Antiques, Vintage, Cottage decor, Shabby Chic.
and much more!

Located @

3480 Homeville Rd. Cochranville, Pa. 19330

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Cottonwood House Weekend Sale

April 9th and 10th Weekend Sale!!!
10-5 both days

Remember now, new location....

34 80 Homeville Rd, Cochranville, Pa, 19330.

Below are pictures of just a few items.

Much Much more awaits you in the barn. Come and see for yourself!

wwwmailto:wwwthecottonwoodhouse@yahoo.com SOLD!!!!





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