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Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Items at Odds and Ends In Oxford

I just took a load of things to my store at Odds and Ends in Oxford. If you have never been there, you should try it.

It is on 3rd street and it's actually the Main Street going through town.

Look for the Rite Aid store on the right going south and it is directly across the street. Usually a large open flag is out.

My area is right inside the door and also the walk in store front window . ( It's the one on the left. (There are 2 store front windows)

Hours and days open:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Friday 11-5

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Friday, November 11, 2011

christmas show 2011 and..... Just Life

The Cottonwood House
Christmas Show


Life...... In between

Its 4:00 and the doors are about to open!

With wee
ks of preparations getting ready for the show

were very excited to op
en the front doors!

The look of excitement on the girls faces was priceless.

The rest of the night was crazy with excitemen

Florence out did herself when she unloaded this piece. It was one of my favorite pieces found in the barn,

Florence would always be here helping with the show but this year she decided to create her own pieces.

Good Job Flo!!

As Seen On Pinterest

For all you Pinterest fans out there.... we have bookshelves made from pallets. They can be hung on the wall or set on a flat surface. And.... only 39.00

I really love the plate rack. You could keep the original wood look or..... you could paint it! and only... 69.00

What ever it takes....
she will get this home!

feather braids.... the newest trend.

Ashley was kept busy.......

Max helping me paint.....
getting ready for the show. he really thinks he's doing it as he paints the garage door with water. He may very well one day, be my assistant. Love you sweet Pea!!

My Mom, Trevor and me.... Three generations!. My mom is amazing! She made 17 pillows and a bunch of table runners just for the show.
That is a special accomplishment because you see.....
my mom is a breast cancer survivor!! When my store was at the barn in Cochranville.... my mom would make all my pillows. For several years she was not able to do any sewing. Now she is back and doing well. Need a custom sewn pillow?
Call mom.... she would be happy to make you one.

Where old friends meet!

Our little man,
watching his first snow fall

Buffet.... beautiful and functional

Could be yours for 275.00

chalk board message center! 95.00

Oh.... this is still in my family room. I might just keep it since it fits perfect and it's quite functional. Not anxious to sell it but I will..... 125.00

Pop Pop enjoying a moment with Baby Trevor and his Mama, Jessie

Will Everything Fit???

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful
sky on this particular day as I was painting furniture...... so unusual.
Breath taking!!!!

hubby... He's looking good
and doing well. 5 weeks after his heart attack and looking well rested. Love ya Hon!!! And... thanks for putt
ing up with ... better said this way.... thanks for being my wildest fan as I totally transform our home into a wild and crazy 3 days of people totally taking over your space.
Not just any guy would allow that! I
guess the chairs are all yours.... the last customer just left. sigh...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

a week later.....

Thanks to all of you who came to our Christmas

Here are some pictures of a few items we had. In case you missed it, well take a peek. some items are still available. Others are sold.

It really was a great weekend and it really did exceed my expectations. I get really nervous the night before a show and I think......"what if no one comes" Well, you came and you made it a success.

Thank You!!!!



child's red desk with chair attached. 55.00

very cool desk. great color and functional. 160.00

3 bar stools.........SOLD



Sorry, This sweet piece is sold!

so how about this for an awesome pot rack! 60.00

I am so loving this sweet cabinet. ready to hang on a wall or you could set it on a desk for some great storage!! 150.00

beautiful french/blue chest of drawers for only 95.00

This farm table is still waiting for a home. So beautiful in french gray!. It is 6 feet long and only $595.00.

This is one very beautiful area rug. It is 11x8 and $550.00. I'm not sure... but my guess is that it is wool. It is in excellent condition

so many beautiful things!!!

picture frames, mirrors..... the bench is painted teak wood. It is still available and only 95.00. You could even put it inside your home as well as outdoors.

even the powder room was a shopping destination......

Our boutique area, jewelry, scarves, and .... you could even get a feather in your hair..... the latest trend!

We had lots of white and black furniture and.... silver accessories.

2 out door metal chairs $35.00 Each. I love the green color!

wood frame with flour sack SOLD!!

Sorry.... Sold