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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Favorite!

Who out there in the blog world likes
We'll, we sure do!!! In fact we were just there the other week...& this is one of our favorite set-ups in the store. Chic, eh? I love the black toile wall paper, the lite wood stained shelves and the red chest of drawers (not shown on the pic)...it gives it just the right POP!!!
Another one of my DREAMS!
--Cottonwood Daughter, Sonj

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Sneak Peak.....

....we had a wedding over the weekend...a very special wedding..you see our "little" brother married his sweetheart Jessie on Saturday...it was a beautiful day...but more on that later!
New items come in daily for Ele Ela and here are a few of our favorites!

Men's American Eagle shirt
cute yellow girls jumper
oh so cute Gap girls dress
(thank you Rachel)

So stay tuned...our mom...wants to give a detailed account of the wedding with lot's and lot's of pic's...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Open the Door....

is what we hear most often as soon as the weather warms up...my mom likes to remind us of this when we are here....and she is right it is lovely to have it open on these warm spring, almost summer days!!!

Do you like to decorate with flags...do you have one outside your house perhaps on your front porch...I love flags, if I had a big old front porch I would hang one on it but I don't although my hubby and I have one hung on our garage...

anyway...i just love what they symbolize...our country....our freedoms...

this one is cute...it's a wooden one!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Newest Addition...too cute!!!

this is our newest addition to Cottonwood...Gloria has the cutest and I do mean cutest items in her little booth....

I would say she has more of a cottage, shabby-chic look...

this is her little entrance...i love the little curtain !!!

she has a ton of vintage jewelry all displayed so nicely in this fabulous black hutch!
Lot's of eye-candy!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


ok....so literally just a stone's throw away is turkey hill and well that can be a good thing but also a very bad thing....because when we are bored we eat...
Sonj...really, really, loves these tornado thingers...is that a word?...the girls at turkey hill know her so well...she comes up to the checkout and they ring her up for 2 without asking....
on the other hand...i picked up 2 watermelons today...on sale...at Weis...for 2.99 and brought one in with me...well we ate half and have some leftovers but...by the end of the day that may be gone as well...
ummmm....first cherries of the season.........LOVE THEM!!!!!
now come on Sonj...dessert yet....how is she so skinny!!!!!!!!!