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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Favorite!

Who out there in the blog world likes
We'll, we sure do!!! In fact we were just there the other week...& this is one of our favorite set-ups in the store. Chic, eh? I love the black toile wall paper, the lite wood stained shelves and the red chest of drawers (not shown on the pic)...it gives it just the right POP!!!
Another one of my DREAMS!
--Cottonwood Daughter, Sonj


Anonymous said...

My FAVORITE store. Now that we moved I don't have any close. ;-(
You all look so beautiful!!!
(Jessica & Jordan's Mom)

Julia said...

I LOVE that you took a picture of yourselves in Ikea!! I'm going there this weekend and hope to buy a couch. FYI, I enjoy reading your blog...I have been to your store and have made a few small purchases from you guys!

Just a little something from Judy said...

You could be a model for Ikea. You are right about the "pop" that it gives, although I prefer a bit more the shabby chic and country style myself. Ikea is one of my favorite stores. I will think of you when I walk past this display.