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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day*

Memories of a beautiful day. Our Son's wedding.

June 13, 2009. It's not just another day. The big event was about to take place. After weeks of planning and working around the clock getting ready for this event, I jumped out of bed that morning full of excitement. Today is the day our baby who is now 23 was getting married. Doug was about to get married to Jessie Steadman. My emotions where everywhere. Excitement, panic, sadness, happy, and so much to do before the magic hour of 4:00. You see, the wedding was about to take place at our home. In the meadow down by the creek. The flowers were planted, the grass was mowed to perfection and and the natural setting was perfect. We worked hard along with the brides family to make it a very special setting for a very special couple. The Bride's mom was the florist and she out did her self for her daughters special day. She does it as a business and she is the best in my opinion. I have never seen so many flowers. Everything was so beautiful. The forecast called for 20% chance of a shower. No worry there. the sun was shining brightly and everything was coming together as planned. But around 1:00, it started to rain and rain and rain. Panic started to set in. Oh Dear, Now What!!! 45 min later and 2 inches of rain, we most certainly needed to move swiftly. We now had mud, water puddles and a flood under the tent where the reception was to take place. The place became alive like a hive of bees. Brooms being used to sweep out the water under the tent, wood chips were laid in strategic areas. Some of the flowers were laid over due to the wind and it seemed like a bad dream. ok, but the wedding must go on and it did. I had to quickly make a decision weather I was going to let this ruin my day. It's times like this where I am reminded to "Sweat The Small Stuff In Life" And that is what I did. All the hard work that we did leading up to this hour seemed somewhat spoiled. But you know what? Even though every little detail was not perfect in my opinion and believe me, things like that do bother me but I had to let it go. Two hours later the first guest started to arrive. Makeup, hair-do's, and the finishing touches on The bride were complete. The sun was shining and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and evening. By now I was relaxed and enjoying the moment.
Watching Jessie walk down the aisle with her dad by her side was a special moment I will always tuck away in a special place in my heart. My tears were flowing and the moment was full of emotions. I knew by the look on Doug's face at that moment that it was the moment he dreamed of for so long. Jessie was a beautiful bride. And Doug, well I must say, he looked quite handsome!!
My tears were tears of happiness for both of them but also tears of the reality that now I no longer was going to be the # 1 lady in Doug's life. As a mom we nurture and care for our kids like no one else can. But there comes a time when we need to let go and encourage them to fly on there own. I don't know about the rest of you mom's out there but that is not easy for me to do. Could anyone else love, nurture and take care of Doug like I do? Yes, I believe that Jessie, his new bride will be able to pick up the baton where I left off and run with it. It's a tall order she has to fill but I have all the confidence in the world that she will do it well. You see, I have grown to love Jessie like my own daughter. I will never take the place of her mom and I would never want to but I feel such love for her and that makes all this so easy to let go. Jessie is not only beautiful, but she is sensitive to others, she knows how to love, she knows how to laugh and have a good time. She is a wonderful cook and she will make her home full of warmth and beauty because of her inner beauty. Love You Jessie!!! Doug will make a wonderful husband. He loves adventure, dreams big, and loves life. He will make her laugh and he knows how to make life not so serious. He will nurture and cherish Jessie like no one else. Doug has always treated me (his Mom) with highest respect and showed his love for me. He learned this by watching his dad. And now it will be easy for him to love and Cherish his new bride. Love you Doug!!
It's now 2 weeks since the wedding took place and I am enjoying the memories and the pictures. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Click on the link below to view a slide show of the wedding
The Pics


Hostetter6 said...

Oh Vern! Thanks for sharing your perspective and true emotions on your son's big day. Wow, I got teary eyed just imagining being in your shoes in the future ... with 4 sweet little boys, I'll get to do it 4 times! Ahh & Ugh (at the same time).

The wedding looked absolutely beatiful! Glad you enjoyed the day. I may be contacting you in several years for some counsel on how to "let go gracefully." :>)

I hope to stop down to Cottonwood House sometime soon. In the meantime I enjoy following the blog.

With love, Nicole Hostetter (& Kevin)

for such a time as this... said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of Doug's wedding! Our little boys surely grew up quickly didn't they. I can so relate to the emotions of the day. Chad and Chandon are both married and each have 2 little girls already. And in 5 short weeks my baby girl gets married in an outdoor ceremony too!!

Will stop in sometime again,