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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christmas Show 2012

               Please make note that I will not be able to have my (last week of the month) .... October Show

                It has been a year of many events for our family personally and October was just another one of                                                            those month.

               My dad had a week of kidney stones with an emergency hospital visit and a week after that he had   a stroke. He is doing fine now and is recovering nicely.

Me and my dad....

Last week my hubby had Mastoid Colestoatoma Ear Surgery. He too is recuperating nicely but will be laid up for several week. 
We are Thanking the Lord for a successful Surgery!

So... with all of that going on.....
Regretfully I am not able to pull off My Annual  Christmas Show.
I am disappointed because it is my favorite event.

It is also the first Christmas Show with out My Mom.
It will be one year Dec. 10th that she passed away.
I'm doing OK... but wow, I really do miss her... especially around show time.
Another new event.... Sondra my daughter moved to Oklahoma in September to pursue her nursing Degree. She is always a big help to me during show time as well.

But.... What I am going to do is this...
I am going to have a mini Christmas show. My Barn and My house garage... plus a tent or two will be filled with  really cool pieces of furniture, Christmas items, trees, garland and some really neat Christmas gift ideas.
I have also invited a few select vendors to join me for this event.

You will  be put in the MOOD for Christmas for sure!!

The date for this event is....

NOV 16, 17. 2012
Friday afternoon and evening
and Saturday
Hours :  (Stay tuned)

Have a Blessed Week!