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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anybody out there?

Ok these are very random, we know, but we need your help. I need new cake idea's. My Eli is turning 4 and well, with 3 boy's in my clan I am running out of GREAT cake idea's. I think I have done everything...tractors, and more tractors, dinosaurs, trains, planes and automobiles...just kidding no planes or automobiles...but seriously I need your help...what should I do?

So in an effort to see if anybody really reads this silly blog, we are asking for your help. Leave us a comment about a new cake and it will put a smile on our faces! :-)
We know our posts can be somewhat scattered and random...chalk that up to blogger being so finicky and lack of time, and really no good reason, but if we know you are reading, well then, we will do better!
Oh yeah...I am NOT the world's best cake decorator, not even pretty good, but my little men appreciate my effort, so...............KEEP IT SIMPLE! Shout out to Dad, (keep it simple, stupid!)
By the way, Sonj, is right beside me adding her 2 cents and grammar etiquette. So if there are spelling or grammar errors, it is HER fault!!!
***Sonj here...just thought I'd let ya'll know that half the stuff I say, she (carm) doesn't listen to anyways!
***I am the BIG sister, Sonj!
Enough. Anyways, PLEASE leave us a comment, it will make our day!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm dreaming of....

For crying out loud can it just be warm and stay warm...I mean come on, we have tornadoes and hail...a sure thing in the spring and summer but now it's FREEZING!!
Alright, alright just ignore my blabbering...

Ok so here it is.....


to our

"Grand Opening of Ele Ele"

Tea and Fashion Show

Where: Ele Ela (located inside The Cottonwood House)

When: Thursday Night April 16, 6:30-9:00

What: A tea-party and Fashion show

Why: why not!?

Do you need a night out with the girls? Perhaps a cute new shirt or shoes? Do you like yummy

desserts? Well then join us for our Grand Opening of Ele Ela here at The Cottonwood House for all this and more....more you ask? Yes, we will be running some great sales on many, many items throughout Cottonwood as well!

Space is limited so sign-up is necessary!

Cost is $11.95 per person but bring a friend and receive half off their ticket (what a deal!)

For more information or to register please give us a ring at 610.593.0981

For our friends who do not live close by, we are so sorry you cannot attend but we will post our pic's later!!!!

Hope to see ya soon!!!

PS You all know how much I despise modeling so hopefully I (carm) will not have to display some of our fabulous outfits but, no worries, we have several other very enthusiastic friends!
PSS I don't know why I look mad...I'm not...oh well!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A peek in our closet!

Well we are back from sunny and warm Florida, and home to not so warm temps..ugh! But, spring is here officially on the calander and we can't wait!

Until then we put together a few outfits to check out!

We are getting new things all the time in all sizes even maternity!

Cute gap pink dress

Old Navy Maternity denim jacket and Gap maternity shirt

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our new phrase....!

Things are flying out the door here, literally, so
"Get it or REGRET it!"
Like this lovely lounge, gone!!

In other news...
Check out our newest cabinet!

See ya later...a few of us our off to sunny Florida for a few days, no worries, we are still open and ready to serve you!

Sorry, this is a quick post...we are literally running out the door.........

Monday, March 9, 2009

We're seeing chalkboards!

We have many more chalkboards in so many sizes....oh the possibilities!
Aren't they cute!