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Saturday, July 4, 2009

#2 Post of Doug and Jessie's Special Day!

Here's a few more pics of
D&J's Wedding...

D&J...lovebirds, newlyweds, best friends, hubby & wife

More loves birds!!! D&J...follow your parents example in marriage and you'll be in for a wonderful journey together!

Boys Boys and more Boys! What a bunch of cuties!

Little Eli's shoe came off while walking down...i think it probably got stuck in the mud. The problem was solved quickly after stopping the large caravan of munchkins and picking it up.

Jessie's mom did all the flowers, check out her blog for more pictures of the wedding from the brides mom's perspective. *All things beautiful* She's got an amazing gift!

View of the ceremony area...muddy, but still beautiful


Chocolate cigars...in honor of D&J's last name "Smoker"

This is pretty much what everyone's feet looked like by the end of the night!

Carm * The newest sister chic * Me

"How sweet it is to be love by you..."

Jake, Mitch & Eli...it looks like their havin' FUN!

Me & Mom

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