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Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Another Day...

Saturday, July 4...while everyone was out and about doin' the picnic thing, my mom and I were living life here at CW.

After doing the normal routine stuff...
turning on all 10,000 lights (slight exaggeration), setting up outside, making coffee, checking the business e-mail, sorting and organizing Ele Ela's, and sweeping off the dusty front porch...

it was time to sit down and wait for some creative juices to flow from our brains.
Yep, it was time to rearrange!!!
After coming up with a plan, I realized...

this was going to be a major project & it could potentially take ALL DAY.

So to give us some energy...we once again got our fix at the neighboring Turkey Hill & then dove right into it!
After lots of pushing, pulling & lifting...we were spent.

So hey, what could be better then a break?

A nap!!!

And a few minutes later we were up and at it again.

And a few hours later, we were done!
Take a look at the changes...

By the way...most times when my mom gets the urge to change the ENTIRE store... in my eyes, it seems like a lot of work and a little overwhelming.
But the truth is, I LOVE IT & I'm thankful I get to do it with HER!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Take the two of you with your artistic skills and creativity...add a few hours of time and you have caused me to want to visit your shop now more than ever. You both did a beautiful job!!

for such a time as this... said...

Vern...i love it! gotta stop by...SOON!! Esther