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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When we're not together at CW, we're together on the water.

Picture this: boat, water, blue sky, smiles, watermelon, music, loud motors, green trees & relaxation.

But before heading out on the big blue (or green) glass...we first had to drive the boat under the bridge. Hummm?

Scouting out the situation...
Do you think we'll make it?

It was definitely cutting it short...but we slipped right on through with a few feet to spare.

Meet our captain...AKA Dad

Sonj, cute little Eli & Bekah

*Livin' the Life*

There she is...not only does she have a drive for decorating, she's also got a need for speed!!!

I think he's wondering when it's his turn...

I forgot to mention...this was our new toy.
Welcome to the family Mr. Jet, you're a definite keeper.

After an hour or so of persuading the little guys...they finally said "YES, I wanna go!"

By the end of the day...this is pretty much what we all looked like.

It was a perfect summer day, full of lots of memories!!!
Until next time...

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Just a little something from Judy said...

In my book there is no better way to spend a summer day than this!! Some of my very best memories were the hours of time we as a family spent jetskiing and boating together. Absolutely loved it!! Enjoy the times together in such a fun, adventurous way!