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Monday, June 16, 2014

Thanks for coming to the 2014 Spring Show

          The Cottonwood House 
                   Spring Show

          It was a great weekend! 

    We had 2 beautiful days of great    weather.   

 A great big thanks to each if you who came and made it a successful show . 

On Saturday we had tutorials and giveaways from our vendors to create fun and excitement . 

       If you did not get to come... I will         
              tease you with what you 





       My dad and his buddies.... 
         I wish my mom was here . 
            Miss you mom ! 

       My niece Sammie and her cousin Kylie . They make the best cupcakes ! 

      My niece Jess. I can always count on seeing her here . Thanks for coming Jess!

    Savannah's House did a great tutorial     with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

     A bit of peace and quiet in the middle of shopping 

   The sweetest camper I've ever seen
      and....her flowers were absolutely          
kelly did a tutorial on how to take flowers from the grocery store snd create a beautiful arrangement. 

         My hubby ... takng a much need     
                         break ! 
        Thanks for all your help and your  
                       I love you !

           "Young living essential oils."
        After seeing a demo on the oils...
          I had to get some for myself . 

         The best hamburgers ever ! 
           and what a sweet set up ! 

                Ah...little Miss Macie...
                   with Auntie Sonji

       The kids had a blast fishing and making a dam while parents shopped 

                    Miss Macie... 
     taking a nap in the middle of it all. 

      I can always count on my sisters to  
                  help out ...



         And here's what's left ...

       See ya in the fall at our next event. 


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