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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane...no, it's a BAT?!?!?!!!!

If you would have stopped by cottonwood around 3pm the other day, i think you would have turned right around and headed back outside...

What a drama!!!

My sister (Carm) and I were busy doing our normal routine, when suddenly...a little friend of ours decided to pay us a visit. Right away I scramed, "BIRD"! As I croutched to the ground, making the counter my temporary shelter...I shouted at Carm to tell her to turn the fan off (we certaintly did not want bird feathers flying everywhere). After that was done, we both attempt to move in and hunt the little guy down...might I add, we were as quiet as could be while walking on our tip-toes. A few mintues pass and no sign of our friend. "AHHHH, there he is!" Both of us fall to the ground in hysteria (this ordeal happens more then 4 times)!!! Several minutes pass and by this time the "bird" I'm sure is getting a good laugh at his attempt at harmlessly attacking two humans :) Panicking and not knowing what to do anymore, Carm calls our dad thinking that maybe he would drive 20min. to come get this guy out...hum, yeah right, wishful thinking Carm :) After searching outside for help and finding no one, we realized we were on our own. SO....suddenly, after moving from room to room, we finally lay eyes on our target again. He is crawling on the floor. That's right, I said crawling....yes, to our surprise our little friend turns out to be a BAT!!!!!!! Oh, and he is an ugly little thing too (it gives me chills just thinking about him). By the way, can anyone tell me why a BAT was out during the day, arn't they suppose to do their thing at night? Anyways, once again, he starts flying frantically, with his goal still being to, ATTACK! Here we go again! Seriously, what are we going to do? The Cottonwood House cannot be this BATS permanent home. We have to act fast. Now being the older sister, dont you think that Carm should have taken charge in this situation and trap the thing. BUT NO, instead, she locks me in the room with the BAT! WHAT, is she crazy!! We're both screaming by now and in walks a customer. Carm very politely explains the situation to her, while I'm still stuck in the room trying to scout this guy down. Oh my, what a site!!!! After several minutes of craziness (sreaming, laughing, falling on the floor) and numerous close calls to getting our heads swiped off...the BAT decides he is finished playing for the day and calmly leaves the building thru the door. Carm slams the door behind him and once again we can breathe :) What a day we'll never forget (and I'm sure the bat won't either)!
By the way: It was such a crazy scene, later we decided to renact the whole thing over to our family. Now that was funny!


Jess said...

I am laughing while envisioning the two of you rolling around on the ground in fear of this "bird/bat"... wish there was a hidden camera nearby to catch you two in the action! Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Like I said before just because I am the oldest does not mean I must always do everything...you are a grown WOMAN..not a little girl! Job well done!!!
Love, Big Sis

Judy said...

That is so funny. I loved reading the story. It is something you two will always remember and laugh about.

Lulu & Tutz said...

haha!!! that's awesome!!! There is nothing quite as gross as bats trapped in a building!!! I've had 3 of them in two separate houses we've lived in...I suppose they think it's funny to prey on the ones who hate them the most! Job well done...I'll be calling you guys the next time one traps me in a room!!!