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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 Things...

Carm and Sondra here...we got this little ditty over at http://theletteredcottage.blogspot.com/
and we thought we'd try it out for ourselves. Enjoy!

Seven Things To Do Before We Die:

1 Skydive (Sondra)
2 Travel to Italy and eat authentic Italian cuisine
3 Travel to France( been there, done that says Sondra), Ireland, back to London and Austria
and once again run around the fountain from The Sound of Music, The Holy Land to walk
the streets where Jesus walked, Sonoma Valley, Sonj wants to go to Australia and surf...well
we could go on and on but you get the picture!
4 See my children graduate, marry and have grandchildren! Obviously that is Carmela, she is
the one with the 3 boys!
5 Move to my dream house...a cottage by the water, woods and fields with a white kitchen,
plenty of bedrooms but still feels cozy...stainless steel appliances etc.
6 Have horses (Sonj)
7 Finish all the projects in my house and head...I know you can relate!

Seven Things We Can Do Now:
1 Enjoy a Sunday afternoon on a hammock in the woods reading "The Shack"
2 Play with my kid's
3 Volunteer
4 We can work together at Cottonwood and still have fun!
5 Have good conversations with friends and family over a hot cup of coffee/cappuccino
6 Decorate!
7 Check the pressure in a tire and then fill it up :)

Seven Things We Cannot Do:
1 eat broccoli and cauliflower(Sonj)
2 Cook a wonderful meal that everybody likes night after night, after night... any ideas?
3 Sleep all night without going to the bathroom
4 Speak in front of a crowd without a rash breaking out on my chest, therefore giving away
the fact that I am NERVOUS! (Carm)
5 Be organized! (This is our dear mum, she is great but there is a reason why she need's us here
at Cottonwood) We love you Mom!
6 Sondra cannot drive past a hitchhiker without either picking HIM up or wanting very badly to
pick HIM up...yes, even at 1 am in the morning...have you seen her? she is teeny, tiny and a
7 Speak a foreign language... well, besides good ole Pennsylvania Dutch! Really Truely!

Seven Favorite Foods:
1 McDonalds french fries...I know they're horrible for you but I just cant get enough of them:)
2 Amish made Roast (it's a mixture of turkey and filling. we have it for thanksgiving every
year...our Grandma's is the BEST!)
3 Tomatoe and mayo sandwich!
4 Hamballs with a pineapple glaze on top (sonj's favorite B-day meal)
5 Pasta Salad
6 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
7 Chocolate pie, chocolate cake, chocolate bars, chocolate brownies, chocolate whoopie pies...are
sensing a theme?

Seven Things We Say Most Often:
1 Hey.
2 How are you ladies doing today?
3 Hey sweetsies :)
4 Seriously.
5 Love Ya!
6 Ya Know?
7 Boys that's the last time I'm telling you!

Seven Celebrity Admirations
1 Rachel Ray
2 Candice Olson
3 Palin Power!
4 Dr. Dobson
5 Glenn Beck
6 Keith Urban (Carm's pick)
7 Rita Springer (We both like her!)

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