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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

University Master's Commission!

Today the students and staff from University Master's Commission GAP, volunteered their hard working hands and precious time to help clean up what was left of the summer here at The Cottonwood House! For those of you who are not familiar with this ministry...it's a nine month inernship for post highschool students that are interested in going into ministry and discovering God's purpose for thier lives. Local service projects are just a small amount of what this team does. And well...it just so happened that we were blessed to have them join us today!
Here are a few pics of what they accomplished...
Are the leaves giving you problems Becca? :)

Is Joel raking stones?

If a rake and your hands dont work...try a leaf blower, right Steve?

Actually, Katie says she prefers a broom :)
No leaves for Teresa...she's on to bigger and better things!

And for Jonathan...well, it's tomatoe time...
Nice pick buddy!

Thankyou guys for all your hard work...we really appreciate each and every one of you! The place looks great!!!!!

Enjoy your year in Master's! And remember, God is a God worth laying down your life for and pursuing after with all your heart. Be blessed!!!

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