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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tea Anyone...

R & R TEA's
The Cottonwood House
January 15 & 17, 2009
Teago is Bingo with a tea theme...
This is a free event, but reservations are required.
Prizes will be awarded! Tea & scones will be served.
February 5 & 7, 2009
12noon to 2pm
"Who killed the roving Romeo of the Red Feather Investment Club?"
Make your reservation now, and chooose your character as we try to figure out this mystery...8 women were all dating the same man, he turns up dead with a red feather in his hand! Cost for this event is $16.95 per person. We'll have a full afternoon tea luncheon while solving the murder. A $5.00 deposit is required at the time of you reservation.

Do any of these events interest you? If they do, let me introduce you to...
Roxanne Yerkes.

She is our "TEA LADY" & also our newest addition to Cottonwood!!!

Over the past few summers, she has hosted a variety of TEA parties in our courtyard. We enjoyed her so much that we decided to invite her in as one of our vendors. Her booth is located downstairs and it's filled with all kinds of TEA things!
So if you're ever in the need for something TEA, come stop by.
Throughout the months she'll also be holding several different tea events, much like the ones I've told you about. And oh...she does private parties right here at Cottonwood as well. Pick a date and time and she would be happy to create a lovely setting for you!

Don't forget to enjoy a free cup of TEA when you come in!

For reservations or info. contact Roxanne at 610-869-3365

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