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Friday, January 16, 2009

ALRIGHT, here we go...

What do you call...
A few clothes here, a little paint there, with some nude mannequins everywhere?
I think it would be safe to call it...
But with this chaotic mess comes a name. That's right, at least we have a name!
The Cottonwood House is now presenting...
Ele Ela
His and Her Apparel
For the entire family
Not sure how to pronouce it? (A-Lee-El-ah). It's portuguese for His and Her. Some of our Brazilian friends gave us the idea. THANKS girls!

(imagine hanging all these clothes up one by one & after putting the last piece up...the entire rod FALLS...well, Ashley didn't have to imagine. this actually happended to her. poor thing. sorry ASH!)

(here's my faithful DAD. he's always here with a smile to offer his services. mom couldn't do it without HIM.)

(who else paints with nice clothes on? you look beautiful as always MOM.)

(my neck is still stiff from this job!)

I know, I know, it doesn't quite look like a clothing boutique yet, but hopefully in a few weeks, it will! You'll just have to wait & watch for the transformation.

Now for some more news...
As you know, Ele Ela will be contributing a percentage of our sales each month to a different mission's organization or local charity. Here's a little info. about our first recipients...

While most Americans know of the desperate situations of poverty stricken countries of the world, few have actually been to those places. Those who have, often say they are changed forever. One such person is Debbie Hollinger. Now the director of HOME International, she cares for and totally supports 50 children, and provides food and education for many more.
It all started in 1999, when a trip to India changed the course of her life. She says, “I simply could not forget the children’s eyes – they begged for help”. After some considerable planning, she embarked on a mission of inviting orphaned girls into a home environment where a loving mother and father would care for them. They would have 14 sisters and would experience a family. What started with a few children in one home has now grown to three homes caring for 50 children.
These children are in India, where many are abandoned or orphaned for various reasons. Girls are most susceptible to abuse. There are no government programs to protect them. Orphanages are often very hostile environments that lack the warmth of family.
Debbie knows each of the children personally, and they call her ‘Mama Debbie’. She is committed to caring for them until they are married or otherwise independent. Until that time, all of their needs are met. Special attention is given to the children’s emotional development – to help heal the wounds of the past. Discipline, coupled with loving words and education help to balance out the care they receive. They are no longer orphans. They are part of a family. They have come HOME.
The vision of HOME International is to open additional homes for many more children. “As funds are received, we will open our doors to provide a family for the little ones who need love."
We're excited to be apart of Debbie's adventure and we look forward to blessing
If you're interested in donating your clean and well kept clothes...drop your bags off during our store hours Wed.-Sat. 10-5pm

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