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Saturday, January 31, 2009

More of Ele Ela's!

After a few long days (and nights!) Ele Ela's is open for business!
But before we show you the finished product, here's a few more snapshots of
our progress...
The "dreamer" & her hubby working on the dressing rooms.


Can you tell I like to climb?

This bed was a lot harder to put together then it looks =)
Everytime Shannon and I put one of the boards up, the other's would fall. So after 10 hrs. (no, just kidding...more like 1 hr.) we finally figured out the puzzle.
Ashley's excitement during the whole project motivated all of us. About every second she would walk around the room with a big smile on her face and say, "i think it's coming together guys, it's really coming together!" And might I add...she said this even when there was hardly anyting in the room.
At the end of each work night...she didn't want to leave. I dont know where she got the energy, it probably rubbed off from my mom. Wish I had some of that...you're welcome to pass it on anytime girls =)

Hmmmm...too many things to place, not sure where to put it...

Ash, I know you didnt want me to put this picture on the blog, butt...

We carried 4 of these heavy shelves through the snow and up the stairs. Our momma had us workin' =)

Ash and I pricing...
it's not our favorite job, but somebody's got to do it, right?

Hey Carm!
For about a week, we had to climb through the "hole" if we wanted to get upstairs...

And this is why.
Stay tuned for the reveal!

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