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Friday, May 8, 2009

What can you do with an old window???

So customers ask us a lot "What can be done with old windows or doors?"...perhaps they see our HUGE pile of windows and doors in our courtyard...well here are a few options!!!
Build a greenhouse...very creative!
Make it a miniature one!!
Turn it into a window box

Another greenhouse
Very cool pot rack!!
Hang several together to make a wall....we've also seen this as a divider inside a house!!!
The front doors are actually old windows attached to a box the homeowner made...and you have a very cute cupboard!
Another idea for a divider...

So there you have it...you don't have to be super handy just creative, think outside the box or if you have a super-handy "fellow" in your life...enlist him!!!

We found all these super creative idea's all over the net...we apologize for not knowing exactly where they came from..we do not take credit for making anything in these pictures!!!!

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Just a little something from Judy said...

I love this blog, and the store that it orginated with. Your daughter commented on my blog a few weeks ago. She told me about this blog, and today I had a few extra minutes to read it. It is so interesting! My visits to your store have been too few. Everytime I pass the intersection where it is, I want to stop. It is a beautiful store!! I will be back to this blog.