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Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Have We Been!?!?

First we want to give our most sincere apologies!!!! We have been slacking in the posts!!! But, we have been having some technical difficulties...in other words...A computer crash....ugh!!! To top it all off we have lost all pic's and have yet to find them so in the meantime we would love to give you some totally fabulous eye candy.....

We loved this pic right away because we had...I say had..this picture hanging here for awhile but of course it is now gone......
Loving the chandelier...yellow wall...blue cupboard...very cheery!
Cute room for a girl, notice the upholstered bed something we would like to try sometime!
Doesn't this look "dreamy" notice the suitcases for a nightstand...you betcha we've got plenty of those!
Of course what would Cottonwood be without some totally cute chippy painted furniture! We have one very similar...Right Now!!!
"To Die For "Mirror and chandelier...yup...we have one! Chandelier that is!!!
This is Sondra's "dream" bedroom...she took one look at it and said, "I can do that" of course you would need the main feature, the brick wall...which she does not have!!!
Pillars...Pillars...Pillars...For Sale here at The Cottonwood House
We love the colors of this room and pillows and fabric we have plenty of!

All pics by Country Living

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