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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A letter from ME *Vern:

Hi to all my blogger friends. I am indeed sad and sorry today because I I need to let you all know that I am closing my shop. "The Cottonwood house." I was not expecting this to happen but the past year we have seen a decline in sales. This is not easy for me to do but necessary. I have loved meeting so many of you at the shop and I will miss you. I will also miss what I love to do the most and that is playing house everyday at my shop. I will miss being able to decorate, rearrange furniture, looking for something new to bring in that would bring a smile to a customers face. I will miss going to an auction and leaving there with a truck load of treasures. Working at the Cottonwood House was a dream that I am so glad I was not only able to dream about but to actually have been a part of. But, Even though I am leaving the big blue barn doesn't mean I am throwing in the towel for good. Besides, once a shabby chic chix. always a shabby chic chix!!! I do have a few idea up my sleeve. So stay tuned.
Now, in order to liquidate a barn full of furniture, accessories, shutters, doors and lots of great used clothing, we are having a great big sale. For starters most everything is at least 25% off unless already marked down. But hurry, I have a feeling things will fly out of here. Everything MUST GO.!!! We will be out by Aug 31th if not before.
Ok, SIGH!! I think I will go to bed and hope I had a bad dream.

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Anonymous said...

We are sorry that Cottonwood is closing! We wish you luck in your future ventures!
Ken and Denise AKA "NN"