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Thursday, December 15, 2011

No Good by, Just .... so long Mom. I Love You!!

A Tribute to My Mom......

Love you Mom!

My Mom passed away on Saturday Dec 10, 2011
Hannah Smucker
Oh Mom.... I miss you so crazy much!!!
(I read this at her funeral)

My Mom’s favorite quote was:

“Every Day holds the Possibility of a Miracle!

That is the way My Mom her lived her life. She was always looking for yet another miracle....It became even more evident in her life the past seven years after she was diagnosed with her illness. She loved Jesus with all of her heart and had a deep faith in God!.

I have never met another woman that had an inner strength and determination to “Never Give Up” then my Mom. My Mom is the strongest and bravest lady I know! And her faith in God was strong!

That doesn’t mean she never got down and discouraged because she did. But… she chose not to stay there too long. She somehow managed to rise above her troubles and her faith in God and her determination always took her through.

Last Thursday when she was diagnosed with acute leukemia and she was told that this could very well take her life…. She simply smiled at her Doctor and said Ok but… I have a ticket for Florida in January and I still plan on going. When we left the Dr. Office and we were returning home, I said to her Mom? Are you fearful? And she said no Vern, I’m not! I believe at that point God was giving her a peace that passes all understanding that only God can give. I was reminded of the verse in

Psalms 56:3 and it says…

“But when I am afraid I put my trust in you. I Praise God for what he has promised. I trust in God so… Why should I be afraid?

Two days later mom made a turn for the worst. But several hours before she passed away… she still had a very strong will to live and she was not about to give up. Within the hour, we knew she was getting ready to pass on from this life. She was no longer able to speak. My dad and all us kids and most of the grandchildren were there singing and keeping a watchful eye on her. We were able to express our love for her and I also said Mom, Send me a sign when you see Jesus and when you finally get to hug my brother Nelson who passed away 36 years ago when he was the young age of 12. Maybe send me a butterfly or a dove or something to let me know it’s you! She squeezed my hand so tightly and I just betcha... she will see to it! Soon after that moment she raised her Arm to heaven and waived. She did this several times. Before this she was so weak there would have been no way for her to do that and keep it there for a length of time. As we ponder that moment… we believe she was possibly making her Grand entry in to Heaven and she was saying Good by to us! After that she went into a peaceful sleep and soon she very quietly left her body to meet Jesus!

I wrote a letter to my Mom the morning of her funeral......

Dear Mom... You were one classy lady, a real class act. I loved that about you!

"You were the Wind Beneath My Wings"

You taught me Mom to have that same strong faith in God that you had and I am forever grateful for that. You were my shopping buddy and my best friend. Now what....

You made the best Amish Roust and all 60 of us couldn't wait to get that first bite every Thanksgiving meal. You also taught us how to make it and we will carry on that special tradition. When ever we eat Roust from hear on out.... it will taste even better then ever and we will be sure to remember you with every bite.

Mom, I'll miss stopping by your house and seeing you with your computer on your lap checking your face book page and emails. You were so good with the computer for your age mom.

I will miss your contagious smile, your latest ideas in changing up your house. And oh.... how we would dream and scheme about anything.

It will be hard to go to Florida this winter with you not there.

Mom...... I will just plane down miss you!!!

And one more thing Mom.... You were always so concerned about Dad. Well, let me tell ya Mom..When you were slowly leaving us on Saturday afternoon, I gently whispered into your ear and I made a promise to you that we would take care of Dad. Well.... I think you would be quite proud of me Mom. Because you see, before we went to your viewing last night I cut the hairs growing out of his ears. and I also cut a few hairs growing on his upper lip.

Now.... I know you cut his toenails too.... but I do have limits!

So..... Mom and my best friend, I'm signing off for now. It's really not GOOD BY.....It's just

So Long for now..... Mom! See Ya Soon!

Love You Forever,


P. S... don't forget my sign......


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Vern!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love & Prayers! Bonnie

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Jaxon Shadows Photography said...

I think thats the sweetest thing I have ever heard someone write. Im sorry for your lose- And thanks for Sharing~!

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I enjoyed your blog and I like the photos and it seems that you are all happy and blessed. The baby was so cute and adorable. Big thanks for sharing.

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