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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Best Birthday Ever.....

Our bedroom was a room I always had a problem decorating and making it into a warm, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.  I knew what I wanted but I just could never pull it together. 

so...... a few weeks ago I went to Ikea and with  help from my daughters I got my first inspiration......
I found some curtains that I loved... so I made the big purchase.

The walls were a mocha chocolate color. Pretty when I painted it 10 years ago but that color had to go.
so I painted it a very light creamy beige.. 

Now what? I was stumped again.....

So..... for my birthday I recieved the best gift ever!
A bedroom make over.

And not by a designer or an outside professional...  but  by my own family!
. I was told I had an 8:30 facial at a local spa so off I went... excited to have some "me" time and to do something I don't normally do or take the time to do,  and that is pamper my self.

When I returned home I had the surprise of my life.... My hubby and kids all pitched in some money       and assecories and new bedding was purchased. 

And then....
My 3 very talented girls  got to work and totally transformed  our bedroom.

And.... I LOVE IT!!!!!

Come.... I will take you on a tour.

and here it is....

This is one cool wall with frames, pictures of hubby and I, Frames with words, beautiful plates, etc.  And how cool is this... they even shopped in my Cottonwood Store!  How Convenient is that!

The frame with Jewelry is  a pretty gray with burlap fabric....great for all my jewelery. The white frame was made by Jessie and she hand printed the words and created the flowers made from fabric. Beautiful!

This 18 year old bride happens to be me.  funny, right? The frame is just a simple frame with fabric attached to the back. My wedding announcement picture from the newspaper and a fabric flower attached.

They found this sweet chair in my shop. The magazine box is actually a pamper  box  all embellished with burlap fabric created by Jessie. How creative is that!

Check out this amazing frame made by Carmela's hubby and the words were written by Sondra. I wake up looking at it every morning.      I am loved for sure,

The glass lamps came from another room in our house and the shades were purchased and embellished with Jessie's flowers.  

I love my new comforter....  the coverlet was purchased at an auction . the pillows were in my guest room. Put it all together and so beautiful!

Sondra hand painted the year of our wedding date on the wall.

My curtains from IKEA,,,,, The hanging chandelier was found at a garage sale

This frame was  purchased at IKEA.  Carmela printed the picture/words off of the computer. How clever!

Young and madly in Love....

Just a simple frame found at a garage sale with fabric

I had just finished this dresser and decided to keep it for myself. I still need to put all the knobs on. Works perfect for this room.

                                   Now..... Most mornings I wish I could linger with a cup of coffee......

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