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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Cottage

                                             It's been quite sometime since I last blogged...

                                                 I decided to let you in on a new chapter....
                                                         in our corner of the world.

                   Hubby and I are downsizing and and man oh days... talk about all kinds of emotions. 
             For me, I do love change.  Not all change is easy but... sometimes necessary.
                    We are leaving our home of 16 years and building a small cottage.
          It's exciting, sometimes overwhelming, moments of sadness, tons of decisions, excitement,
     fatigue sets in, more decisions, what to sell, what to keep, what to throw in the big gigantic dumpster....
              How in the world does one accumulate so much stuff and.... I don't typically hold on too stuff. 
                                                              At least I didn't think so! 

                                     Never the less, hubby and I are going from the big house...
                                                                To the baby house. 
                                       October 21, 2016 we broke ground for "The Cottage"

                                  Rule #1
                                       Hire a good architect and a builder that's a good communicator 
                                  Rule # 2. 
                                       Scour Pinterest and Houzz
                                   Rule # 3 
                                        Be decisive and have someone better then you to bounce ideas off of.
                                   I personally couldn't do this with out the expertise of my daughters! 
             I'll be updating the progress for the next couple of weeks and I would love any ideas or comments! 
                                                                               Stay tuned!

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