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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Cottage .... Moving right along

This is the back /side of our house. It's fun seeing it all come together.  I'm not great at looking at a blue print and knowing how big or small the space is . Right now it feels a bit small.  

One thing I really wanted was a front porch....
A place to have a cup of coffee with my hubs, 
            or read a good book and watch the world go by.....
                             Sounds dreamful.... Hoping my world is not too crazy so I can actually enjoy it. 

       The high ceiling makes this room feel much larger then what it really is . 
             I'm thinking about adding a sliding barn door on this wall. 
                                 The kitchen is in the space to the right ....

     I really wanted to be able to eat and watch the sunset. I think this will be a perfect view!
        The space is big enough to fit a farmtable that I am refurbishing.
                     Big enough for the tribe to gather here for supper. 

           Ahh.... A real wood burning fireplace. We have plenty of wood around these parts for a real fire on a cold winter night. 
       Picking out the right brick was not an easy task..... But it turned out just how I imagined it . The     
                                            Brick is Old Williamsburg (hand made ) 
                                               The masons did an amazing job ! 

                                   The paint color in this room is Wrought Iron Black by Benjimin Moore.
                           I love the look of a black door. I chose to have the trim painted black as well. I think it         
                     helps to ground this space. 


      Ship lap..... Ahh, my favorite.  I guess I watch too much "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Jo.  I had it painted Simply White by Benjimin Moore. All the trim is Classic White by Benjimin Moore. It's just the right amount of contrast between the 2 whites. 

Storage.....we tried to think of every possible space for storage so.....at the last minute I asked our builder to build a window seat.  Foam and pretty fabric will allow for not only storage, but a great place to sit around the farm table. 

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