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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meet Sondra...

Meet Sondra, She is my life line here at the shop. She keeps me organized and focused. She also takes care of details that I simply have no time for or I don't like doing. It takes a lot to stress her out. I wish I had more of her qualities. by the way, she is my daughter and I am proud of her. Everything is under control when Sondra is working. Get her to giggle, it's cute!!!


Mary said...

Welcome to blogland - you're in for a great ride!!
Looking forward to seeing more pics of the treasures in your shop (tip - post them as large as you can so we can see details - you know how we 'shabby gals' love closeups of peeling paint!!). Sounds like a fun place and hopefully if I'm ever up your way I can stop by!

Thanks for visiting - come back anytime, there's chilled lemonade on the front porch or a cup of Earl Grey in the gazebo.......and I'll even bake a cake if you tell me you're on your way!!

Would you like me to add your link to my blog? You'll get new visitors in no time?

Happy Fourth - hope it's a fun day for you and your family....Sondra is so cute!

Mary said...

Me again Verna - just thought you might enjoy visiting the gals who participate in 'Pink Saturday'. Read my post today and you will see the link to Beverly's (hostess) blog where the list is growing longer each week. These are fun bloggers who will welcome you for sure.

Have a fun weekend - thanks for your e-mail.