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Saturday, July 5, 2008

A little bit of OLD & a little bit of NEW...

I found this adorable little green set (new)...it was the last one, and I just had to snatch it up! I wanted to keep it for my own house, but I told myself, "Now Vern, you can't keep everything you see and like. If I did that, what would I have to offer my customers?" I run into this problem a lot...oh my, what's a girl to do?!

This poster bed was an ugly, old wood tone so I painted it white...when I did that, the paint started krackling and peeling. After I distressed it a little more, I liked the way it turned out, so I left it that way! Hey, if you can't find an old shabby chic pc. from a sale or auction, you make your own!


Diane said...

I love your blog and I would be so happy if you would take a look at my blog with my paintings - I have some pretty county French style watercolors that sound like they would work beautifully in your store-- look at the Paris balconies etc.... I do have originals and matted prints - If you are interested lets talk ...Cheers, Diane

Lulu & Tutz said...

Well, hello ladies!!! Welcome to blogger!!!! Watch your clock, you just might find yourself hooked!!! So glad to see you here...I'm linking you on our blog and will be back often!!!

Nice to see you, Sondra...you are looking good and happy to be back home!!!