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Monday, July 7, 2008

Sweet Pea's Boutique

Two sisters had a dream...
in their dream they saw...
and these...
more of this...
So many wonderful things at

"Sweet Pea's Boutique"

a special little spot inside

The Cottonwood House

Oh yea, you've already met me, Sondra, let me introduce you to my big sis, the other lifeline to my Mom and my partner with a dream...Carmela...she does everything I don't want to do, boring stuff like paying the bills etc. You see we just pass things off to the next family member...who will be next?

So if you want a little bling stop by our little Boutique...you'll find something sweet!


Mary said...

Good Morning Verna, Sondra, and now Carmela!! Anymore cute gals hanging around The Cottonwood House, ha!!! Sweet Pea's sounds like fun.

I posted about your new blog today - hope you like it - there are already friends from France and South Africa ready to come shop (see comments on my post)...........well at least window shop!! Wish we could all pop up to PA and really do some serious treasure hunting!

Hope all is well - sure you'll all have a fun week surrounded by so much prettiness!

Lulu & Tutz said...

i love those two Sweat Peas!!! Aren't they cute?!?

Janet said...

Congrats on the new blog; it is certainly a humbling and fun adventure. Your shop looks very cute and I only wish gas was cheaper. Remember the days when going on a fun road trip to visit new shops was actually do-able??