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Monday, July 7, 2008

too cute!

Did you ever see such cuteness for your fridge!!!!!!!


Elizabethd said...

Hello from France! What a lovely idea to open your own shop of pretty things.
The antique shops here are such hunting grounds! I search out lovely old linen and lace, just for me! Cant resist.

Deborah said...

Hello Ladies!

I saw Mary's post and had to come check out The Cottonwood House! Looks like you have lovely things. Are you planning a website so that we North Carolina gals can shop?

Wishing you much success with your blog and your business!

Donna said...

I found you while over at Mary's blog and I just had to come and see The Cottonwood House! How great to open your own shop, looks like you have fabulous things!

My hubby and I are both from PA (Amish Country) but are now living in NC.

Nice to meet you!