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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Finish Line

Well as I sit here on this chilly November night....November..when did that happen...anyway, the kiddo's are tucked in for the night...the fireplace is keeping me toasty warm...and Whoo-Whoo Phillie's just scored....!!!!!!!!!! What could be better!!! Ok I would give up my warm spot tonight for my hubby's spot...he is at the game!!!!!!!!!

But anyway...we have been working like CRAZY here to get ready for the Open House...are we crazy some have asked...opening our home like this....yes...we may be a bit on the crazy side, we will let you know when this is all over, but it sure is fun...a New Adventure!!!

We may have been staying up too late painting, pricing, cleaning, watching the Phils, but it will be worth it for you all...the house and barn are being transformed right before our eyes...we hope you will be pleased...!!! Actually...I know you will be pleased!!!

We can't wait to see you all....THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!

*see previous post for OpenHouse details*

Ok I spoke too soon...the kiddo's are bouncing off the walls...but what can I say...they love them some Chase Utley!!!

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