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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pictures of my new space in Oxford

It's been one busy week! Got home from a week of vacation with family and a day later our little grandson was born. And yes the new Mama and Daddy were on vacation with us and..... camping at that! Baby Trever was born on July 25Th. He is our 4Th Grandchild and so far..... all boys! Little boys are the greatest!

I was so......honored to be there for the Birth Of Baby Trever! The miracle of birth is always so amazing to me and to actually be there and experience it, well words cannot even describe the feeling! Simply amazing!

This is one proud daddy!!

Baby Trever, 2 grandma's, and.... new mama

Me and Trever.....my sweetie!

After all the excitement..... I filled my second room at Oxford Odds and Ends. Check out some new items. The show window is full and over flowing. So now I have the foyer filled and the walk in show window. The show window is not just to look at from the street but you actually walk in it. Check it out.

If all else fails, put the top down! Works perfectly!

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