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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Took the plunge and went to Oxford,Pa

I toyed around with the idea for awhile and decided that now is the right time. It is close to my house so I can keep a close eye on things and keep it fresh and exciting! And..... I also have a few of your favorite vendors who typically join me when I have my barn sales, joining me as well!

Hubby is excited because he gets some of his barn back that I've been using for the past couple of years. Oh well, he deserves it but..... don't get too comfortable Hon, A girl needs a lot of space to paint and create!

just so you know.... I do not own the store and most likely I will not be there when you come (probably home painting more stuff!) I am only renting a few rooms.

Take a peak and see what I took over so far. I am set up in the foyer so as soon as you enter the building well, that's me. "The Cottonwood House" is on on my price tags so.... no missing me. The end of July I will also be putting my things in the( front glass show room) that looks out into the street. So look for me in two different rooms.

If you like chippy, You will love this piece. It has layers of chippy paint and an aged patina look with out the lead!

French gray bookcase with white distressed drawers

This is one of those pieces I could soon have found a spot in my house for it. Loving the new color I used for it. French gray with blue coming through and distressed to give it a real aged patina look...... oh well, I just can't keep everything. Sigh.....

a cute side table perfect to set you cup of coffee on

White distressed side table. Whoops, still need to put the hardware on

yellow chippy table. great color for a beach house!

two matching end tables in a creamy beige and notice the dark surface of the table.
very chic.....

Location: 55 south 3rd street, Oxford, Pa.
It is also considered route 10 and the store in right in the center of town almost across from Pizza Hut.
Tuesday and Thursday: 11-3
Friday: 12-5
Saturday: 11-4


Esther@fleurcottage said...

congratulations & hope to stop by sometime!

Dee said...

I thought of you as we drove past your old shop on our way to and from OC Maryland last week. Wish I would have known I would have dropped in :)
(Hubby just loves when I have to make a detour :)
Email me the price of the chippy table I think I have a spot for it.
Best wishes,

Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. (OMI) said...

Downtown Oxford is sooo thrilled that Vern from the Cottonwood House has decided to bring her products to town! We look forward to other vendors joining the crew at Oxford Odds & Ends! Best of luck to you! Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. (OMI)