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Monday, June 11, 2012

After the Extravaganza 2012 Perfect Weekend!!

 What can I say.... We had an awesome weekend! I personally want to thank each of you who came and helped to make it a success once again. I have the most loyal Cottonwood Customers.... and enjoy seeing each of you every time you come.  Thank You!!!

         And a great big Thanks to all my vendors for lugging all your beautiful things on your pickups,        pitching your tents, and then having to tear down.... Its not an easy task.  You all are the best!!!

                    I posted pictures of the weekend for those of you who could not be here.. so enjoy.

                                 In a few days I will let you in on more Cottonwood Hours...
                                                                  So stay tuned!

               For 150.00 this cute little bench did not hang around very long.....

                              Oh.... I personally use this skin care and I love it!!!

                    AND THIS IS MY MAN!!! Thanks hon for all your support with my craziness! You are the kindest man I know and my biggest fan, I Love You!!


Me and my sista's

                                Dad and Me... Missed you mom!

These headboards are pretty cool.They can be stained or painted in any color.Great for the beach!

                        Found this lovely couple enjoying the outdoors and eating Auntie Anne pretzels. So nice meeting you!

I even took a few minutes to relax

                                    Some came to shop,,,, while others fished!

                        My two beautiful daughters and the best support a Mom could have. Thanks girls!!

                                                             My dad on the right....

         This little pooch is exhausted! it's been a long day...
Watermelon any one?

Load of things we did not sell....

Still smiling after a long day....
My family is amazing. Always willing to help Mom with her events. 
Love you guys!!

Is that sushi I see??
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She says... that's all folks...

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