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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spring Extravaganza coming up!!! June 8th and 9th Friday and Saturday 9-4

I hope you all are making plans to be here next weekend. June 8 and 9 Friday and Saturday 9-4 . I think you will be pleasantly surprised. First of all.... we have great vendors with the coolest stuff. Trust me, I saw some of the pieces and things that will be here and knowing all off you, my loyal customers..... you will be pleasantly surprised. I am more excited about this event then ever! I personally have been working 24/7 for weeks getting ready . 
When I am preparing for a show, everything else goes to pot. My nails are dirty with stain and paint.... I desperately need a pedicure, my hair is way to long, My hubby doesn't get fed very well, I lack sleep, but yet I'm pumped. But next week I plan on doing all the above and giving some much needed attention to my hubby!
This table and chairs is my favorite  piece for this show. I should just keep it!! but...No worries, I won't.

 My beautiful Mom... and my dad. Missing her a lot these days. This is the first show that she is not here to help me. I always depended on her with the little details that I have no time for but need to be done. But really, I'm OK.  Knowing that one day.... I will see my Mom again is comforting and maybe we will get to decorate together in Heaven


Sorry I don't have a better picture of this but is is just to big to set up for the picture. But.... a queen size, cream distressed bed. It comes with a foot board and wooden side rails. Beautiful if I must say so myself

Just a small area of my work room.  I can't wait until the fun part and that is setting it all up.

I know this is tedious work Randall , but your help is appreciated! Thanks!!!

I love this little table and bench set for the kiddos!

And this is where it will all take place next Friday and Saturday June 8th and 9th 2012 .Imagine this filled up with beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories!

Just one of the pieces I was working on today....

And guess who came to spent a Saturday with me for a couple of hours? In spite of a busy day getting ready for the show next weekend..... I always have time for my Grand babies. Trevor and daddy. How can it be that my baby has his own baby???

This gal (Sondra) is becoming an excellent painter. She has an eye for color and what looks good on certain pieces. And I might I add.... following in her Mom's foot steps!

Sweet.... buffet or dresser. You choose...


Ang Stoltzfus said...

OH Vern-
I love all of these pieces!! Promise me that you'll still be doing this one day when Scott & I finally find/build our dream house??! :) I will need you to help me fill it! I know that a part of this hobby of yours has always been connected to your mother...& I'm sure there are emotional moments as you are preparing for the weekend. I am proud of you for keeping on..& praying that HE would fill you with peace & joy as you "remember" those sweet times spent with your mother as she was always your encouragement in this. I LOVE YOU & hope to make it down!

Anonymous said...

Where is The Cottonwood House located?


Anonymous said...

Dinaann@comcast.net - sorry for the typo

The Cottonwood House said...

we are at 3480 Homeville rd. Cochranville, Pa. 19330 Hope you can make it!!