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Thursday, May 30, 2013

My front porch

There's just something special about 
                         and a 
                     front porch ...

     At our house it's not noticed by many people other then just us . 
     We live 1/2 mile of the beaten path so unless you are coming to see me well....
      But even then most people are gravitated to my side door, why I wonder...where at any given time a pile of laundry would be welcoming you ...Or better yet they find it necessary to come through the garage which is by far the most unorganized garage ever and always full of my latest auction finds . I always have good intentions of keeping it clean but ... Oh well

    So why wouldn't ya want to come in my front porch ?

                       For me
         It's my favorite spot to sit 


    I just got my favorite magazine in the        
                        Mail box 

                           Or .....

           To have my quiet time with    


 When I call my dad every night at 9:30 to              see how his day went. 

    I'm cheap so everything on my    porch comes from an auction or a garage sale . 

      Come, I will show you around ....


    All the furniture was found at a garage sale . Shows some wear... but so comfy

        I never pay full price for flower pots ... Always a good deal to be found at an auction 

      An old milk box in case you need to leave me a message when I'm not home.. Oh yea, my hubby likes to pick me wild flowers . After having them in my bathroom counter for a week... I gave them a new home .  Thanks hon ! 

Even the hanging plant and shepherds      hook were great buys at an auction 
     The only new item is the lantern given to me from Carmela (:

           Small baby food jars hung by wire are pretty at night with a candle casting a soft glow . 

        Loving this large flower pot. It has a huge crack on the one side but who cares. Turn it a bit and you'd never know 

Even the robins love to nest ... 

They let me know they've been here (:

 So, please come and visit ...
 It will give me another chance 
                                      just to sit

I would love to see your porch.....


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Elizabeth Evans said...

Beautiful and calming