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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Decorating an apartment on a shoestring budget...



I boarded a plane to Oklahoma to hang out with Sondra for a week and to see her really cute  apartment. 

 She's in school getting her degree in nursing . She will make one awesome nurse !  If I was in the hospital..  I would want her for my nurse (:

It was fun to see where she lives and hangs out. It's always good to have a visual where my kids are. For some reason it makes me feel closer to her.     

 I want to show you what she did to make her apartment not only beautiful, but how she did it on a shoe string budget . 

The table and chairs were bought at a yard sale . She painted it a creamy white and the chair seats were replaced with fabric from ikea. So pretty...
     A wall of family pictures fill the space behind the table. 

The green chair was picked up at a yard sale for a few dollars. A can of spray paint..... and she looks brand new . A pillow from Ross makes for soft and comfortable seating. 

Here's an alternative idea for an area rug... Sondra got a piece of fur fabric at JoAnne fabric...cut it to size and laid it on the floor . It lays nice and is pretty and functional

          Here's a really creative idea....
    This is just a plain old head board..  A random insert was found and fits in the open space. It is a perfect fit!

          Who would have thought ....

             Perfect as a TV stand 
                  A magazine rack 

I love how she pulled together all the different colors including the zebra area rug for the bedroom . 

The curtains on the windows are from TJ Max. One panel on each window is perfect. Who says you need two panels? 

We went looking for a cheap....but comfortable chair for her bedroom and low and behold..... Yep, we found it at Goodwill. $29.00 later and a little elbow grease...she was clean as a whistle  . And very comfortable . 

 To complete the room and pull it all together, she added the safari pictures on the wall. 
                       Love it !!

 A long string of twig is separated and placed on the wall. Florets made from fabric are attached for added interest.

This is simply four boards put together with fabric stapled to the back.
 A special detail...she added florets made with fabric and placed them strategically.  
            Simple and beautiful....

This cabinet was yet another garage sale find.  It just needed a little paint.  When storage is at a premium,  baskets in all sizes and shapes come in handy. 
                    In this case...
     .  linen baskets were added. 

                      My bucket list ... 
                           So cool! 
                   Canvas, paper, rope 

               The smallest garden....


                      Meadow Tea.....
         At our house we drink a lot of 
                      meadow tea. 

Sondra wanted to grow some so we had to get creative since there is no room for a garden. 

              We found this old 
                 "cassette box"
     It already had the dividers and was      perfect for a few plants and a perfect herb garden.

   The smallest box garden you will ever  
                      but...it works!

     I hope she remembers to water the            plants. It was 106 degrees!

And here's proof she really is a nurse . I was her guinea pig as her first patient to draw blood !!!!

                Miss you Sonji
           And so proud of you ! 


fleurcottage said...

like mother - like daughter...love!

Elizabeth Evans said...

So beautiful and functional and she does take after her mother! You will make an awesome Nurse Sondra and loved your bucket list and you! Libby

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